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Sexual Offences

While rape and sexual assault are two of the most serious sexual offences, many others exist, including those that have been introduced recently especially in a bid to combat the targeting of children using the Internet. The possession of indecent images, for example, means that there are specific laws and sentencing guidelines that are used for cases that involve images of children.

Grooming laws have also been introduced, making it illegal to meet up with a minor with the intent of sexual activity. As well as the possibility of a custodial sentence, offenders may also be placed on the sex offenders’ registry, which can have a huge impact on many facets of life. Having skilled and qualified legal representation throughout the duration of any sexual offence case is important, because it will help ensure that you receive a fair trial and an appropriate verdict and sentence for your crime.

Rape is considered the most serious sexual offence, and it carries considerable penalties. These cases will often come down to a question of whether consent was given, and whether the defendant could reasonably assume that consent had been given. There are some cases, however, where the courts will assume that consent was not provided, either because of the age of the victim or because of a disability that they suffer.

With all sexual assault cases, the level of force, the threat of physical violence, and the degree of coercion that was used by the defendant will be questioned. The more violent the crime, the greater the sentence is likely to be. Furthermore, lengthier sentences will usually be meted out for crimes against people that are considered vulnerable, including the very young and very old, as well as people with physical or mental disabilities.

Sexual offences carry a considerable stigma, and being accused of this type of crime can have a harrowing effect on the accused as well as their family. Solid and professional legal advice is absolutely essential, and if you are accused of any form of sexual offence, then you should ensure that you have representation from the very first police interview. Contact Virdee Solicitors to discuss your case, and to determine the best course of action.

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