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Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process that criminals use in order to clean dirty money. This means that any proceeds from criminal acts are typically passed through a legitimate business in order that the money comes out looking legitimate, and can be spent freely and easily. Individuals and businesses may be caught up in the money laundering process, and while some may become involved intentionally in order to profit from the process, it is possible to become embroiled in such a scheme without knowing it.

Changes to the law mean that the police and courts have greater powers to investigate, arrest, and prosecute anybody that is thought to have been involved in any stage of the money laundering process, and this type of case will often surface during a POCA case, when extensive investigation is carried out into a person’s finances.

The Proceeds Of Crime Act was introduced as a means of offering greater powers to deal with financial crime, and the profits that are made from criminal activities. These types of case will involve considerable digging into a person’s financial activities and records, and it is during this process that money laundering activities are most often uncovered. Following the paper trail enables investigators to be able to determine who was complicit in the laundering scheme, and this will often lead to additional investigations and trials.

Self-laundering cases are those that are brought against people that the CPS believes are guilty of laundering their own nefarious profits. However, laundering somebody else’s money, the covering up of money laundering, and even inaction against money laundering criminals are all considered offences by the courts, and you should ensure that you have an experienced legal representative to defend your case, regardless of which stage of the process you are accused of being involved in.

Money laundering is treated seriously, and if found guilty, it is possible that you will have money and assets frozen under POCA. This can mean serious financial problems for you and your family, and it is vital that your solicitors have experience in dealing with complex financial cases. Contact Virdee Solicitors today if you are undergoing a POCA investigation, or if you are facing a money laundering case.

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