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Drug Offences

There are many drug offences that a person may be investigated, tried, and prosecuted for. While some, such as the possession of a class C drug, have relatively lenient sentences, this can quickly change if investigators and the prosecution believe that you are part of a production or distribution ring. The sentence that you receive will be dependent on many factors, including the class of the drug in question, the amount, and your level of involvement, but considerable prison sentences are possible for some of the more serious charges.

One factor that has a direct influence on the length of sentence that you receive is the class of drug in question. Prescription medications, like ketamine, are considered class C. Cannabis is a class B drug, having been reclassified to class C before being returned to the class B section, and hard drugs like heroin are class A drugs.

The most common of all drug offences is that of possession. When charged with possession of a substance, the courts will usually take into account the quantity that you were in possession of. If it is a relatively small amount, and considered to be for personal use, then this will usually attract the more lenient sentences. However, large quantities may mean further investigation and it could be determined that you are supplying or selling the drugs.

It is also illegal to manufacture, cultivate, or produce drugs, whether you intend to sell them or keep them. The further up the production chain you are considered to be, the more likely a long prison sentence will be handed out. Similarly, the production of class A drugs will usually incur a harder sentence than the production of lower class drugs. Quantities will also have a direct impact on the sentence received, so a single cannabis plant for personal use may not attract the same sentence as the growth of several dozen plants.

The possession, supply, and production of drugs is illegal, and depending on the class and quantity of drug, your involvement in the crime, and the actual offence that you are accused of, a lengthy prison sentence may be on the cards. Contact Virdee Solicitors today to discuss drug offences that you are being investigated for.

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