Our Criminal Defence Services

We have particular experience and expertise in gun crime and gun related murders having successfully defended many people on such charges.
Through dealing with these matters we are fully aware of not just the immense pressure defendants are under through being charged with these offences but also aware of police practices which can result in witnesses being pressured to give false accounts.


Criminal Defence Services - Murder

Murder is considered one of the most heinous crimes, and it carries penalties that are appropriately lengthy as a result. If a loved one has been taken in for questioning, if the police interview has already occurred...

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Criminal Defence Services - Assault

Assault is a form of crime against the person, typically involving physical violence and resulting in injury of one form or another to the victim. The more serious the injury, and the more premeditated the attack, the greater the likely sentence.

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Drug Offences

Criminal Defence Services - Drug Offences

The possession, supply, and production of drugs is illegal, and depending on the class and quantity of drug, your involvement in the crime, and the actual offence that you are accused of.

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Sexual Offences

Criminal Defence Services - Sex Offences

Sexual offences carry a considerable stigma, and being accused of this type of crime can have a harrowing effect on the accused as well as their family. Solid and professional legal advice is absolutely essential.

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Money Laundering

Criminal Defence Services - Money Laundering

Changes to the law mean that the police and courts have greater powers to investigate, arrest, and prosecute anybody that is thought to have been involved in any stage of the money laundering process.

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Proceeds of Crime (POCA)

Criminal Defence Services - Proceeds of Crime (POCA)

If you are due to appear in court and face having your cash or assets frozen or seized under POCA, then it is vital that you act quickly to help ensure that you receive fair treatment.

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