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Motoring Offences

There are many road traffic offences that you may be penalised for. These can range from those with a relatively minor penalty, such as jumping a red light to a speeding offence, to those that carry automatic disqualification and even prison sentences, such as causing death by dangerous or reckless driving.

The majority of offences not only carry the potential for a financial penalty, but the issuance of penalty points onto a driving licence. Once a driver reaches 12 points, they will be disqualified from driving under the totting up procedure. There are exceptions, such as when it is possible to show that a person would suffer from extreme hardship if they were to be disqualified, but this means that every offence carries the possibility of a driving ban.

The array of tools at the police’s disposal continues to increase. Cameras at red lights, on dangerous stretches of road, and that are deployed by mobile units not only record information but can automatically detect number plates (ANPR) and send a penalty notice through the mail. However, these systems are not infallible, especially when they require the intervention of people, who are still prone to making mistakes, and this means that a charge can be successfully challenged in some cases.

The car has become such an integral part of modern life. We use it to get to and from work, to take the kids to school, and do the weekly shop. Being without a car for one or two days while it is being repaired can lead to difficulty for some, but for others it can turn their lives upside down. Travelling to and from or for work would be impossible. However, this is the reality that some people face if they are disqualified or banned from driving.

Whether you rely on your car for work, or you appreciate it for the convenience that it brings, if you have been accused of committing any of a number of motoring offences, contact Virdee Solicitors today and we will determine your best option, build a defence, and represent you in court to try and ensure that you receive a fair result.

We do not undertake private paying motoring offences, we deal solely with legally aided criminal matters.

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